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The Westin St. Maarten Dawn Beach Resort & Casino

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317 luxuriously appointed guest rooms including nine suites feature Westin's Heavenly Bed® and Heavenly Bath®. Our three Presidential oceanfront suites and one and two bedroom Parlor suites are perfect for entertaining. Clean contemporary lines and appointments of a urban hotel with all the standard Westin amenities.
  • Address: 144 Oyster Pond Road, Oyster Pond St Martin / St Maarten
  • Phone: 721-543-6700
  • Fax: 721-543-6004


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5 Stars
Jun 18, 2018
One of the best resorts on the island

The resort is a little difficult to get to the airport ( the roads are bad) , but once you are there, I found little reason to leave. The restaurant is good bars are excellent, including a swim-in pool bar. The staff is very friendly and the views are excellent, although water is rougher than some other resort. I found the views of the outstanding and very relaxing. There are several other outstanding restaurants in Oyster Pond that you can actually walk to along the beach. If you don't mind stepping out of the water as some segments are still undeveloped.

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5 Stars
Mar 21, 2018
Sandy S
We survived Hurricane Irma! Staff was Amazing!

We arrived in St Maarten on 9/2/17, were mesmerized by the beautiful teal water and sunny skies as we landed by airplane. We obtained a rental car (definitely recommended on this island) and drove to the Dawn Beach Club on the Dutch Atlantic side of the island. At the Dawn Beach Club, we had a 3 bedroom timeshare unit reserved for our party of 6. My husband & I traveled with my parents and my Mom's sister & her husband. The buildings sat on the hillside, located on the same property as the Westin Dawn Beach Resort, and shared amenities. The 3 bedroom unit was spectacular, with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean! The next day we learned that what was a Tropical Storm, was now a Hurricane, growing in size and heading more south towards St Maarten. We had a Breakfast meeting with Glenny who gave us lots of tips on how to prepare (she went above & beyond!) She even let us follow her by car to find one the Islands few large grocery stores. Flights were scarce to "get off the island" so we knew we had to prepare. We bought lots of bottled water, non-perishables and flashlights. We didn't get to experience a lot of the island d/t preparations and so much traffic as everyone else was scurrying to buy things. On Tuesday 9/5, the Westin Dawn Beach Resort offered to move us into the Hotel portion as they had a generator and building would be safer. Since we were a party of 6 and some members had health issues, the Westin gave us the Presidential Suite so that we could all be together! This evening, with the approaching powerful storm, The Westin Dawn prepared a wonderful meal, free of charge, for all the guests staying at the resort! We were told by Management that the storm was to hit in the wee hours of the morning. When the intensity magnified, they would come around, knock on everyone's door, and have us evacuate our rooms and move to a centralized middle meeting room or stairwell. On Wed 9/6, around 4-5 am, the powerful Hurricane was pounding on the shores and blowing fierce winds. The loud whistling winds woke us up; you could hear the inner hallway doors rattling it was so loud! We soon heard a knock on the door and were evacuated to an inner board meeting room. We had power at 1st, but soon lost the generator and all power. There were many families crammed into this meeting room, it was dark, hot and scary. We could feel the walls vibrating behind us! A few small battery powered lanterns gave us light. The Hotel staff was simply amazing! During the thick of the storm, they all remained calm! They served us pastries, coffee & juice for breakfast and sub sandwiches, chips and plenty of bottled water for lunch. We were in this small room for over 6 hours! After the storm ended, there was great devastation to the entire Island! The Hotel took a huge beating, had water flooding the floors, no electricity, no air conditioning, no elevators, barely any running water which eventually ran out. The rooms closest to the beach were destroyed, as well as the Timeshare units on the hillside, where we were 1st staying. We were very fortunate that the Westin staff moved us to the Hotel! The staff continued to serve us FREE, 3 HOT MEALS A DAY and plenty to drink. They heated everything by gas power! The Management frequently updated everyone, either by posting messages in the lobby or by word of mouth as they frequently walked through the wet, dark halls. I have never been anywhere where I experienced such caring staff members! I wish I could remember all their names! My heart broke for several staff's families, who continued to serve, while they lost everything that they owned (however they were all safe!!) We truly appreciated Dan Szydlowski, the Regional Manager! He was clearly visible for days, and updated us on evacuation as soon as he heard anything. On Sat 3/9, we were finally evacuated by US Military Aircraft and flown to San Juan, PR, as Hurricane Jose was approaching St Maarten that evening! Prior to our rescue, Dan gave us his business card and told us to notify him when we are home safe! He physically stayed at the resort until all the guests were rescued then was rescued to San Juan just like everyone else! I emailed him after we arrived home and left our phone #. That same day, we received a personal call from Dan! He even remembered us personally & the rooms that we were staying in! We never felt abandoned at all! The staff was clearly visible and so kind! As we stood in long lines waiting to board the rescue planes, we heard from many other people staying at other resorts/hotels who simply were abandoned! They had not eaten for days! Though this hotel is currently rebuilding entirely, I would highly recommend staying here after reopening!

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5 Stars
Mar 08, 2018

We are timeshare owners at the Dawn Beach Club located on the premises of the Westin Hotel. We love this hotel and their staff. Not only are they accommodating with any request, they also treat you like family. Staying at our timeshare (which by-the-way is gorgeous) we have also stayed at the hotel. Rooms are extremely comfortable and clean. We are truly looking forward to the re-opening of the hotel and condo.

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4 Stars
Jan 19, 2018
Nice secluded accomodations

We have been to St. Maarten/Martin a few times and this July (2017) was our 2nd time here in Westin Dawn Beach. We are timeshare owners and own a 3-bedroom/2 bath unit. Before this time, we have stayed in their hotel unit. The hotel itself is very nice, very clean, and has great staff. They have a big pool and a private beach but the water is sometimes rough because of its location. If you are able to rent one of the 3-bedroom units, you will enjoy your stay a lot more. Their 3-bedroom units are huge, complete with amenities, including full size kitchen, washer and dryer and double balcony. All units are overlooking the ocean. You would definitely need a car if you are staying at this place as it is at the far end of the island. There are a couple of restaurants not far from the hotel but you would still want to drive there. The hotel has restaurants but they are pricey. The casino is always deserted but they have free alcoholic beverages just like the casinos here in the US.

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1 Stars
Dec 26, 2017
Alisson B
The worst Hotel on the 🌴 island.

Please please don't ever stay there. Horrible experience during the Hurricane Irma. The upper management took off on the private jet and left all their guests and stuff on the property. I never seen anything like that in my life!

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