St. Maarten is a cultural jewel of the Caribbean, out where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. Where people from all walks of life come together to enjoy a variety of cultural experiences like the Heineken Regatta, where hundreds of vessels set their sails for a yearly race, or the St. Maarten Carnival, a parade of dance and live calypso music. Fort Amsterdam and Maho Beach are other popular St. Maarten attractions.


On this island, your limits are the sky in one direction and the bottom of the sea in the other. Sail the yacht that won the America's cup. Motor a catamaran along the mythical line separating the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea. Charter a fishing vessel and set out for giant marlin. Dive. Fish. Hike. Climb historic Mount Concordia. Do it all. See it all. For here there are no limits other than the boundaries of nature itself.


You can go all night in St. Maarten. The island exudes a natural energy that fuels the body and soul. Like the neon lights, it's an electricity that never seems to fade, no matter how late it gets. Visit any one of our 14 world class, vegas style casinos. Or dance the night away to popular dance hits or electronica in our miami inspired nightclubs. It's a wild ride from one beach bar to the next, and there's no stopping until you say so.


Known as the "Gastronomic Capital of the Caribbean", St. Maarten offers the widest variety of dining experiences of any other island in the world. Stay here for a year, and you'll never eat in the same place twice. Truly, a gourmet's paradise, worldwide cuisine is represented by the island's over 350 restaurants. Aromas blend in the air as chefs combine sweet and spicy Caribbean flavors with sophisticated worldwide recipes.


Every square mile of St. Maarten is tax free and duty free. No duty is paid on any goods coming in or going out. But that's just the half of it. Luxury items cost up to 50% less than in other countries, which is why cruise ships and travelers from around the world leave our shores with oodles of jewelry, fashion, cosmetics, electronics, and more. Great shopping all along Front Street, and down every side street, prices are quoted in US dollars.